Cass Hall sign

Cass Hall has been part of our community in Driffield since it was built in 1788 as the first Baptist chapel in the East Riding, situated adjacent to the Driffield Beck for baptisms. Chapel goers from this time are buried in the neighbouring grave yard and the grave stones remain to the present day.

The Baptists left in 1862 and it became the Freemason's Lodge. The Masons built the extension at the rear and squared off the interior for their ceremonies.
They left in the early twentieth century, relocating to the old Mortimer Museum and the hall then became the Conservative Club.

In the early 1960's Mrs Emily Cass left a legacy to the WRVS, as she had been the local organiser from 1944 to 1959. They purchased the old chapel and ran the Darby and Joan Club from there. The hall underwent minor refurbishment in 1987.

The Town Council purchased the hall from the WRVS in 2009.